The support from the community, the state and the country has been tremendous and it is greatly appreciated! People, businesses and Unions have been asking how they can help and what they can donate. We created this spreadsheet to show what we have and items we may need. If anyone has any questions about items or where they can be dropped off, please call our Union Hall at 717-285-2279. We have been receiving warm meals, snacks and beverages dropped off at our picket lines which is amazing!
All of us at BCTGM Local 374-G would like to express our deepest appreciation for the support we have been receiving from the community, the state, the country and the world!
The spreadsheet was last updated October 12, 2021.
Colors in “Total” column indicate the current status of each item:
Green – Sufficient quantities
Yellow – Marginal quantities
Red – Low or zero quantities